Mission, Visions, & Goals



The mission of PRDS is to lead the world in improving the oral health of the public through advancements in education, research, service and their application to preventive and restorative care.


  • PRDS prepares dentists and graduate dental hygienists of the future for the future, oral health care professionals who are also men and women of science and compassion.
  • PRDS creates knowledge and translates knowledge into practice, policy, and improved oral health.
  • The PRDS workplace climate will be recognized both internally and externally as an exemplary place to study, work, serve, and grow.


  • Incorporate our preventive and minimally invasive treatment philosophy, together with new and existing diagnostic and behavioral methods, throughout our teaching programs.
  • Provide an enriching work environment for faculty, staff and students.
  • Provide development and educational programs to enable our faculty to fully participate in our new teaching program and to be positive role models for our students.
  • Educate and inspire dental students, residents and graduate students who will become future leaders in dental science, education, and practice.
  • Build an outstanding translational, clinical, outcomes, and behavioral research program, in concert with our basic science program.
  • Enhance the curriculum in concert with the overall School of Dentistry five-stream educational philosophy.
  • Devise and promote effective public health measures for delivering prevention-based dentistry for individuals and communities.
  • Recruit faculty in the clinical, adjunct, in-residence, and ladder rank series who will help to fulfill the mission of the department.
  • Provide opportunities in the curriculum for students to explore the dental profession beyond the School of Dentistry via externships and other suitable means.