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HR Service Center and Dept Contacts   (Eff. 12/3/15)



Employee Status

HR Generalist Contact Name


Phone Number

Fax Number

Academics (Faculty and Non-Faculty)

Cindy Muzio

[email protected] 

415 502-0610

  415 390-9128

Volunteer Clinical Faculty

Risa Ferrer

[email protected]

415 502-0917

 415 390-9128

Post Docs

Aurora Breganza


[email protected]


415 502-0550




Cecilia Lucero


[email protected]


415 502-0914


415 514-3600



 Irina Worthey

 [email protected]

415 476-0859







 PRDS HR Liaison: Sue Fox ([email protected] / 415 476-5802 / Fax: 415 476-3296)

 PRDS Department Manager: TBD 




HR Academia Manager

Amy Carter

[email protected]

415 502-0541


HR Staff Manager

Bob Gilmore [email protected] 415-502-0602  

 LER Specialist

 Michelle Lee  [email protected] 415 353-9259  




  • Career staff and academics with a 50% appointment or higher must enroll in benefits during your Period of Initial Eligibility (PIE), which is the 30-day period following your appointment date. Contact your personnel analyst if you have any questions.
  • Click the Sign in to My Accounts icon login with your SS# or username and password (passwords can be reset online or by calling 476-1400) to obtain earnings statements, change tax withholdings, view your W2, view and change your medical benefit enrollments (changes only permitted during open enrollment), update beneficiaries, learn about retirement options, and more; use this link to sign on to the FITSCO (Fidelity) site as well to manage your 403b and 457b defined contribution plans.


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HBS Monthly Timesheet Forms:

HBS Monthly Timesheet Change Request

HBS Senior Management Group (SMG) Timesheet Change Request

HBS Bi-Weekly Non-Exempt Timesheet Change Request Form

HBS Bi-Weekly Exempt Timesheet Change Request Form


Controller's Satellite Office, Millberry Union, Room G-03, M-F 2:30-4
Parking and Transportation Office, Millberry Union, Rm G-26, (415) 476-2566, Room G-03, M-F 2:30-4
ID Cards @ WE-ID, Millberry Union, Room G-18; M-F 7-12pm, or by appointment between 12-4:30 p.m., (415) 476-2088
- Please obtain a printout from Dept Personnel prior to going to the WE-ID office to obtain an ID Card



UCSF Benefits Retirement Page
UCRP Retirement Table
403b booklet
457b booklet
Retirement booklet
Medical Retirement
--pg 14 of Retirement booklet

Academic Personnel Manual (APM)
Faculty Handbook


With Salary
Appointment/Promotion/Merit Actions

Attachment A/Certification Statement
Important Points for Discussion
UC Biography Sketch (.pdf, .doc)
UCSF CV Guidelines
Child Abuse Reporting
Effort Report System

Without Salary
UCSF CV Guidelines
Appointment Packet
PRDS Volunteer Form

New Hire Forms
Emergency Contacts
I-9/Employment Eligibility
HIPAA Handbook
Resume Supplement
Non-Resident Alien/Foreign Status Form (W8-BEN form)
Confidentiality Agreement
Patent Acknowledgment/State Loyalty Oath
California Medical Privacy Laws Notification Form
Demographic Form
(see "At Your Service" above)

Overtime Request
Leave Request
Volunteer form


Disability Protection


Insurance Page
Blue Cross Plan details
Health Net Plan details
Vision Care Plan details
Delta Dental Plan details


Postdoctoral Enrollment form
Postdoc Premium/Opt-out Worksheet
COBRA (for review only)
Beneficiary form

Additional requirements for all academic and staff personnel who have patient contact:

(1) All new employees with patient contact must make an appointment at the Occupational Health Clinic at Mount Zion, (415)885-7580, 2380 Sutter Street, 3rd Floor, for a screening. Please bring a UC ID for your appointment.
(2) All existing employees who have patient contact and have already been screened can drop-in to the Parnassus Occupational Health Satellite Clinic at 350 Parnassus, Room 206 during one of the following times for required annual TB Testing:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7:30-11:30 a.m. and 12:30-3:30 p.m. (closed 11:30-12:30)

Please bring your UC ID with you for identification purposes.
If you have had a TB test taken somewhere other than one of these two clinics, please fax your test results to 771-4472.
3) If you have tested positive for TB, please drop in to one of the two clinics to complete a symptom review form annually.