Faculty Group Practice

Faculty Group Practice (FGP)

707 Parnassus Avenue, D4000
Dental Center, Fourth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94143

Phone number(s): 415-476-3028

Description of Services: Patients receive state-of-the-art dental care from dental school faculty members, including several general practitioners, dental specialists, and dental hygienists. Our patients may select their own provider to maintain continuity of care with one dentist. The fees charged are similar to those in private practice in the San Francisco area. 

FGP Insurance Plans:

We accept PPO or Premier dental insurance, please call (415) 476-3028 for more  information.

Special instructions for new patients: Please call (415) 476-3028 to schedule an appointment. Before any appointments can be made, we will need to verify your insurance coverage. Once approved, if patients have current x-ray films from another office they will be asked to e-mail it to us or bring them to their appointment. This will allow us to attach it to their account before the visit. Access will also be given to a website, where new patients will able to fill out their medical and dental history.

Your initial visit will be a comprehensive oral examination with a dentist. All other appointments will be scheduled once the examination has been completed.