Research Administration




Pre-Award Management and Administration

The PRDS department is supported by UCSF Research Management Services (RMS), which provides administrative assistance to all researchers, from pre-award through the award process on all grant procedures. With the help of the RMS team, the Principal Investigator (PI), our department, and their sponsers, research teams are able to successfully accomplish their  goals with the given grants.

PRDS is specifically supported by Team D. Each team includes a Pre-Award Manager, Research Service Coordinators (RSCs) and Associate Research Service Coordinators (ARSCs).  

RMS services include:



Ched Hinger

Research Services Coordinator



Mae Moredo

RMS Pre-Award Manager



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Post-Award Management and Administration

The PRDS department follows UCSF's guidelines for the administration and management of post-award procedures. These post-award guiding principles enable staff members to administered the extramural funding.


Jim Louie
Finance Manager

Alyson Ng
Financial Analyst