Current Research Projects


  • Center to Address Disparities in Children's Oral Health (CAN DO) funded by NIDCR (U54DE019285)

PI: Stuart Gansky

  • CPOPE - Centering Pregnancy® Oral Health Promotion Extension

PI: Lisa Chung; Co-Investigators: Sally Adams, Ling Zhan

  • GIFVT - Glass Ionomer Sealant & Fluoride Varnish Study to Prevent Early Childhood Caries 

PI: Stuart Gansky; UCLA PI: Francisco Ramos-Gomez; Co-Investigator: John Featherstone

  • Mediation Model - Mediation Analysis in Dental Research

PI: Jing Cheng; Co-Investigators: John Featherstone, Stuart Gansky

  • Metagenomics - Effect & Mechanism of Xylitol on Early Childhood Caries

PI: Ling Zhan; Co-Investigators: Joseph DeRisi, Michael Fischbach

  • Data Coordinating Center, Early Childhood Caries Collaborating Centers

PI: Steven Gregorich; Co-Investigators: Judith Barker, Benjamin Chaffee, Jing Cheng, Stuart Gansky, Elizabeth Mertz

  • Follow-up Survey of Dentists in Three States on Caries Management by Risk Assessment, funded by California Delta Dental

PI: Margaret Walsh; Co-Investigator: Steven Silverstein

  • Improved Models to Inform Tobacco Product Regulation, funded by NIH

PI: Stanton Glantz; Co-Investigator: Margaret Walsh

  • Rural Adolescent Males’ Smokeless Tobacco Use and Nicotine and Carcinogen Exposure, funded by NIH/NIDA/FDA

PI: Margaret Walsh; Co-Investigators: Stuart Gansky, Jing Cheng

  • Community Dental Clinic: Dental Care for the Homeless, funded by UCSF Community Partnerships Program

PI: Steven Silverstein

  • Oral Health Promotion During Pregnancy in a Group Prenatal Care Model, funded by Dental Trade Alliance Foundation

PI: Lisa Chung

  • Painting Healthier Smiles, funded by UCSF University Community Partnerships

PI: Lisa Chung

  • San Francisco Children’s Oral Health Strategic Plan, funded by Metta Fund

PI: Kevin Grumbach; Co-Investigator: Lisa Chung

PI: Elizabeth Mertz, Paul Gates

PI: Elizabeth Mertz

PI: Elizabeth Mertz

PI: Elizabeth Mertz

  • Implementation Assessment of the Incorporation of Clinical Decision Support Tools into an Integrated Group Dental Practice

PI: Elizabeth Mertz; Co-Investigators: Joel White, Ram Vaderhobli

  • Community Health Workers and Children’s Oral Health in Nepal, funded by UCSF Global Oral Health

PI: Baharak Amanzadeh

  • Dental Workforce and Access to Care in Southern and Central Vietnam, funded by UCSF Global Oral Health

PI: Baharak Amanzadeh

PI: Kevin Grumbach; Co-Investigator: Baharak Amanzadeh

  • UCSF Elev8, Healthy Students and Families, funded by Atlantic Philanthropy

PI: Linda Frank; Co-Investigators: Baharak Amanzadeh, Lisa Chung, Naomi Schapiro

  • Feasibility Study of Children’s Oral Health in Pakistan, funded by UCSF Global Oral Health

PI: Ann Lazar, Mohammad Mugni

  • Statistics in Dentistry: Review of the Reporting of Baseline Data in Clinical Trials

PI: Ann Lazar