Clinical General Dentistry


The Division of Clinical General Dentistry is the largest division in the Department and has 119 full, part-time and volunteer faculty. The Division is responsible for a large portion of the preventive and restorative dentistry instruction for the predoctoral students, including domestic and international students. Faculty in the Division provide instruction to the students in their first two years in preventive dentistry, dental morphology, biomaterials, fundamentals of operative and fixed restorative dentistry in an integrated curriculum using lectures, Web-based instruction and simulation. Students begin the development of their manual dexterity in an ergonomic fashion to prepare for their clinical experience starting in the Spring of the second year and continuing in full fashion in the third and fourth years in the Patient Center Care Clinics. Concurrently, they receive additional instruction via lectures and Web-based instruction. In their clinical years, students receive additional instruction in general dentistry in externship sites in a variety of locations throughout Northern California. The Division of General Dentistry strives to provide the highest quality dental care to patients with evidence based and integrated curriculum.