Behavioral Sciences and Community Dental Education


The Division of Behavioral Sciences and Community Dental Education is committed to reducing the challenges to optimal oral health care. Specifically, we are committed to educating our students at all levels to become highly competent, ethical, and compassionate oral health care providers for diverse populations and practice settings, with a focus on Behavioral Sciences, Professionalism, Ethics, Cultural Awareness, and Community Dentistry. The division provides didactic and clinical experiences throughout the curriculum in behavioral principles, interviewing and communication skills, cultural awareness and sensitivity, ethical principles and reasoning, and professional socialization for the pre-doctoral dental students. Our community dental educational experience allows students to integrate didactic information and serve diverse and vulnerable populations in federally qualified health centers within the state of California. The division also provides academic mentoring, triage, and referral of students to UCSF Student Mental Health for those students who have personal or family stressors impacting their academic success.